PhilisophyEach person – God's embodiment on the earth!All of us have one purpose – to live in harmony and Love. This our unity. It is impossible to lay development of the Universe in any norms and rules. The purpose of any person – to reunite the spiritual beginnings, to connect man's and female. To become God's embodiment, to become God!And only through Love. After all only the Love gives the chance to two halves to be together, only for Love new planets, the worlds, galaxies are born. The more Love in the Universe, the better for it. It is impossible to offend the Universe, it is impossible to share Love on just and not just, it is impossible to destroy Love. Love – the most important energy in the Universe!!Accepting Love and broadcasting Love in all corners of the Universe the person achieves enormous success in all spheres of the life. Everything is subject to him/her, all is possible for him/her. The only restriction for the person - not to think bad, not to do the bad. My philosophy is three vital rules:1. You are a God!2. You love and you are loved!3. Everything is possible for you, but from your thoughts and acts it has to be bad to nobody. With Love,      Manna Lo    

Manna Lo